The Family Hat Collection

When Priya was about one, I noticed she really got a kick out of putting stuff on her head, or my head. “Hat” was also one of her first words. Since then, I’ve tried to capture all the hats and other stuff we really enjoy putting on our heads.

Priya wearing red fedora, picture in B/W

Simone in red fedora

This hat makes you serious. Just look at these two.

Remy wearing a black beanie

Remy wearing Priya's panties

Remy can pull off beanies or panties.

Remy has a teacup on his head

I’m a little teapot

Remy has a strainer on his head

Brain strain

Priya with a plate on her head


Priya in pink baseball cap

Remy in pink baseball cap

Priya and Remy sporting the pink baseball cap

Priya wearing a stainless steel bowl on her head

Now the NSA can’t intercept my brainwaves.

Remy sporting the skull stocking hat

It gets hella cold in the desert.

The fridge water cap becomes a hat for Remy

Once again, Priya makes everything a hat. This time, Remy gets the cap from the fridge water filter.

Priya wearing her Mini Mouse hat

Grandma just bought her a new Mini Mouse hat and mirror.

Remy is a princess

Remy is a beautiful princess—and all American hunk.

Remy & Priya wearing pot lids

A couple of pot heads.

Remy wearing Nut Bran cereal box as a hat

Nut Brain