Fourth of July at Steve and Laurie's

Tom and Ben hailed from Colorado to visit their desert-dwelling relatives for a few weeks. They took it easy in the Arizona sun, cooled off in the pool, and filled up on authentic Mexican food.

As always, Steve fired up the grill for the 4th and served up sausage and hamburgers.

Ben and Priya on the couch
Priya and Ben getting acquainted
Ben holding Priya on couch
Ben, acquainted. He had an endless supply of hugs.
family picture
Familys don't get much happier than this. Just look at Tom.
Tom, Laurie, Steve, Clint, Priya, Ben, Jen
family picture with Dan
… then Dan wanted some of the action.
Priya and Ben sitting at flower bed
Priya and Ben uprooting grandpa Steve's flower bed
Priya getting annoyed with Ben
You're a little too close Benny boy, back it up!