Remy’s First 12 Months

This project was initiated by Jen. I progressively documented Jen’s belly during her pregnancy with Priya. Jen thought it would be fair to give Remy the spotlight for his first 12 months of life.

Remy at birth

1 minute old—fresh out of the oven

Remy at 1 month

1 month

Remy at 2 months

2 months

Remy at 3 months

3 months

Remy at 4 months

4 months

Remy at 5 months

5 months

Remy at 6 months

6 months

Remy at 7 months

7 months, going on puberty

Remy at 8 months

8 months: this depicts Remy perfectly—he eats everything and loves to stand

Remy at 9 months

9 months: he’s free-standing for the first time during this actual photo

Remy at 10 months

10 months

Remy at 11 months

11 months

Remy at 12 months

12 months and already using the slide without being instructed

That’s it Remy. We’re done counting your age in terms of months. Now you get a picture or two once a year on your birthday, if you’re lucky.