Priya - Year Zero

This is the continuing saga of Clint & Jen's experience with raising baby Priya. This is year zero.

First Video Appearance: She Sucks!

I figured it was about time she got on the silver screen.

Bouncing Boobs

Jen was breast feeding Priya today. I said something funny, which will go undescribed. Jen began laughing. Boobs started bouncing. Priya lost her latch and started crying.

Jen immediately chimed in, I guess she doesn't like milkshakes.

Oh No! Jen's Nipples!

Today we saw Priya's first tooth! It's ready to poke through her bottom gum any day now.

Priya has been a nipple chewer lately so Jen is not too excited about this latest tooth development. There has been a lot of yelling of the word Ouch! around here lately. I'm sure the yelling will continue to progress with increasing profanities as we see more teeth. Can you say hamburger nipples?

Say My Name (Heisenberg)

During the last week Priya has indicated her favorite parent by babbling da-da. Jen is also constantly telling Priya, say hi dad. So maybe that has something to do with it too.

Anyway, on two occasions during the previous week I came up to her while she was playing and she said what sounded like dad-dad or da-da. She kept repeating it over and over with a big smile. She was so proud as she babbled.

Hearing that for the first time was an entirely new emotional experience. This little creature is finally figuring out who the hell I am!

Then, this morning, I was awakened by what sounded like actual English clearly spoken by a real human. Coming from the crib was dad ... dad ... da-da ... hi dad ... Jen and I silently held our breath in anticipation. When Priya finished her chatter, we broke out laughing. It was so cool!

Whoa! There's a Wall!

I threw a shoe string over one of Priya's arms. She started walking, watching it drag behind her. Not knowing it, she was headed straight for the wall. Last second, just before colliding, she did a hard 90; off-balance and wobbling all over the place. I laughed so hard. She thought it was funny too and kind of giggled.

After a few seconds of laughing she goes back to the wall and taps her forehead on it and smiles. I started rolling. It was as if she was showing me what would have happened; or, maybe just trying to get another laugh out of me.